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We are just shocked and can't possibly understand how this happened ... Not.

Several people are testing positive for the coronavirus after a massive party in Northwest Michigan. Health officials are trying to track down and warn partiers who attended a massive Fourth of July party on Torch Lake last weekend.

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan issued a statement saying that several people had tested positive for COVID-19 after attending the festivities. Unfortunately, those people were not able to identify everyone they had contact with.

"If you were at the Torch Lake Sandbar party over 4th of July weekend, you should monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and seek testing if symptoms should develop or if you were at high risk for exposure due to being in close proximity with others or not wearing a cloth facial covering.

Video of another massive gathering in Michigan went viral after partygoers were seen gathering on Diamond Lake. The video, captioned "A COVID-19 Petri Dish" showed many attendees at the Diamond Lake SandBar party ignoring social distancing guidelines and not wearing masks. Diamond Lake is located in Cass County on Michigan's west side.

The State Attorney General has agreed to handle any prosecutions stemming from illegal activity associated with those who attended that gathering.

Governor Whitmer expressed her disappointment, saying it was "incredibly disappointing" to see so many people ignoring social distancing guidelines.

An exact number of people who tested positive after attending Fourth of July parties at either location is not available.


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