A West Michigan man will attempt to swim approximately 82 miles across Lake Michigan and it's all for a good cause.

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Why is He Taking This on?

Bryan Huffman is passion about swimming and thinks it's important for children to learn how to swim.

Bryan Huffman
Fox 17 WXMI

Huffman says he hopes to raise $25,000 so kids in West Michigan can have free swimming lessons. The reason? Because the chances of kids drowning is reduced by 88% after having structured swimming lessons.

Huffman notes that it's an important cause because, in Michigan, kids are surrounded by water.

There Are Strict Rules in Place

During his journey, Huffman will be shadowed by a boat to make sure he stays safe. But if he touches the boat, it's game over.

"So you're talking, like, nine to ten marathons consecutively to get across, and so you can stop and tread water or float, but you can’t have anything and you can't hold on to the boat or anything else to hold me up," said Huffman.

There is a medical team that will be on the boat in case anything goes wrong. But Huffman tells Grand Rapids TV station WXMI-TV that he has to reach his final destination without any intervention.

People on the boat will toss food to the man as he swims in order to make sure that he eats and keeps his strength up.

Huffman's journey across Lake Michigan is expected to begin in August.


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