It's difficult to be a parent these days.  We've been programmed to fear for our kids safety with the increase in school shootings, from Sandy Hook, the Genesee I.S.D. shutdown last December, and the Grand Blanc school shooting hoax in February, to the Colorado school shooting just last Friday.

It's hard enough to send your kids to school with all of that in the back of your mind.  But what about accidental injuries?  I would like to think that our school district can handle medical situations better than Hughes Road Elementary School in Texas.

Latesha Coleman got a call from the school last week saying that her daughter, Amazing Johnson, had an accident and was fine but needed to be picked up.  Now, I'm not a medical expert, but having your finger accidentally amputated by a door is far from fine in my book.  Amazing's father picked her up at school and took her to the hospital, and when Coleman met him there, he was holding a bag that contained the tip of their child's finger.

According to a Houston TV station's report, Dickinson I.S.D. confirmed that after the accidental injury, the school nurse administered first aid, and that the parents were alerted.  That nurses handwritten report, in addition to the statement from the school made it very clear that Amazing needed to get to a hospital, so why didn't the school call 911?

Apparently the school nurse didn't feel that the situation was a life-threatening emergency, and in that case they would have called 911 prior to contacting her parents.  Amazing's finger was reattached, but her prognosis is questionable.

Latesha Coleman said,

"How is this not an emergency and her finger is in a bag.  I'm thinking maybe a child has to be dead and that's the only way to call 911."

Do you think schools should call 911 for non-life-threatening, yet serious injuries when they have you kids?