Scary details have come out in regards to Sandra Bullock's home invasion in early June that involved the police arriving at her house.

On June 8, a man was arrested for trespassing on Bullock's property while she was home. The 'Gravity' star was unharmed and the intruder, Joshua Corbett, was arrested without incident around 3:30AM PT.

TMZ has learned frightening details from the evening that say Bullock actually came face-to-face with the man after she heard noises coming from inside the house around 1AM. When Bullock went to her bedroom door to lock it, she saw Corbett dressed in all black.

Bullock reportedly then shut the door and immediately called 9-1-1. She revealed that she had showered before going to bed, and that the intruder may have actually been inside her house longer.

When cops arrived and arrested Corbett, he reportedly yelled, "Sandy, I'm sorry. Please don't press charges." He was also reportedly carrying a notebook with magazine photos of Bullock pasted with notes, with one saying, "I will forever be thinking of you and Louie, my son, as you are my wife by law, the law of God and you belong to me and me to you."

An investigation into Corbett's house turned up seven guns at his home, including assault rifles, and police believe he may have more out there.

Corbett has been charged with 19 felonies, including seven counts of possession of a machine gun, two counts of possession of an assault weapon and 10 counts of possession of a destructive device, as well as stalking.

Bullock's evening sounds frightening, but we're glad that the Academy Award-winner is OK and unharmed.