Relax, Kaylee Thomas didn't really give her 3-year-old daughter a tattoo. The Saginaw tattoo artist's TikTok video was simply a prank - but the Internet isn't loving it.

What Did Kaylee Thomas Do?

Thomas is the proprietor of Zeal Tattoos, a one-person tattoo studio located in Hampton Square in Saginaw.

The 19-year-old caught the Internet's attention when she posted a video on TikTok giving her 3-year-old daughter a tattoo. The video was titled  "Tattooing matching tattoos on me and my 3-year-old." It depicts Thomas giving her daughter a tattoo of two hearts intertwined and then applying the same design to her own tattoo.

Thomas reportedly used the hashtags #fake, #prank, #notreal, and #justasharpie, but that didn't stop the Internet haters from piling on. She tells Business Insider that she was flooded with angry and hateful comments.

Some have even claimed that the act was tantamount to child abuse.

Good for Business

The video has been viewed more than 10 million times, and Thomas says that despite the hate, it's been good for business.

"It has helped my business a lot as far as getting clients," she says. "I continue to get texts on my Instagram and phone number, which almost all start with, 'Hey, I just saw your videos on TikTok, and I love your work!'"


No Regrets

Despite the backlash, Thomas says she doesn't regret posting the video.

"All in all, this was just a harmless, funny prank video and I'm glad people got a kick out of it."



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