Kylie Kienitz made headlines in Saginaw County when she started her Eagle Scout project to honor first responders.

Let's make one thing very clear here, becoming an Eagle Scout is not easy. It's even harder when you are the trying to become one of the first girls to do it. That's why I am so impressed with the hard work and dedication that Kylie Kienitz has shown. She's not only one of the first female Eagle Scouts in Saginaw County, but she found a way to honor first responders while she did it.

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The project was born out of Kylie's desire to honor the first responders that have put so much on the line during this pandemic. Being a first responder isn't an easy job during normal times, but with the pandemic looming, the job has gotten much harder. Kylie recognized that, and decided to make her Eagle Scout project a tribute to those hard working men and women.

Kylie took more than 160 bricks and with some engraving help Stonequest and materials from Cornerstone, she created an American Flag. The bricks making up the flag are engraved with the names and departments of local first responders in the county. Kylie talked to ABC12 about why this project was so important to her.

Showing support to first responders during these trying times just felt right

Kylie is no stranger to public service, as her older brother is also an Eagle Scout. Kylie has plans to join the Air Force when she graduates, and later become a police officer.

Salute to you Kylie, I don't even want to think about what I was doing at 16 years old. You are a great role model for kids everywhere, and we hope you find success in whatever you end up doing.

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