And there's photographic proof that he really has worn it a LOT.

Hollywood hearthrob (I don't say that to be cheesy; I really think he's gawgeous) Ryan Reynolds sat down with the New York Times to talk about his wardrobe...and his favorite shirt might surprise you.

It's a t-shirt from Zukey Lake Tavern, which is near Pinckney and Hamburg Township.

He says that he's had it for 18 years and that it WAS black, but he's worn it so much that it's grey. He didn't even know where Zukey Lake Tavern was until people started telling him that it was in their "hometown." He got it at a vintage store in Los Angeles when he moved to the United States from Canada.

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Bryan Bedder, Getty Images

And in case you're wondering, you can buy a shirt from them and look just like Ryan Reynolds. Except you probably won't be as hot, because nobody is.

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