It's hard to believe, but there's an honest-to-goodness castle right here in Michigan - and to answer your first question, yes, there really is a moat.

The 26-room masterpiece has been on and off the market since the fall of 2021, listing for between $2.3 million and $2.5 million. It features five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, and wait 'til you see the bathrooms in the photos below.

All the Castle Amenities

What is a castle without a moat? If you're in the market for a castle, that's a must-have, right? And in addition to a moat, this 10,700-square-foot home comes with all sorts of castle necessities like a drawbridge, waterfall, elevator, five fireplaces, secret rooms, hidden doors, hidden passageways, hidden staircase, wine cellar, and a Tudor-style pub.

According to the Zillow listing, there are six new high-efficiency furnaces, six new air conditioning units, new humidifiers, a new boiler, a new hot water storage tank, and the elevator as serviced and certified in 2022.

The property is surrounded by a wrought iron fence and two gated towers.

Castle for Sale in Rochester, Michigan

The home is located at 2009 Victoria Hl, in Rochester. It was built in 1990 and cost approximately $10 million to build - that's a far cry from the $2.3 million the owner is asking for it today.

The listing is being handled by Dylan Tent of Signature Sotherby's International Realty in Northville.

Check out the pics below.

This Michigan Castle Has a Mote, a Drawbridge, and All the Castle Things

Living in a real castle could be a reality. This home in Rochester, Michigan features a mote, drawbridge, secret rooms, hidden doors and passageways, and all the other castle things you need to make your life more ... castle-ey.

It's currently listed on Zillow for the low-low castle price of $2,299,000.

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