Robin Thicke premiered his new song ‘Get Her Back’ in a simple but heartfelt performance at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

The ‘Blurred Lines’ singer went in the far opposite direction of his sexualized hit single. ‘Get Her Back’ is a slow song of love and regret. Considering his recent relationship troubles, the star definitely has enough personal inspiration to pull from for such a song.

The attention was all on Robin as he played his new track. He stood on a simple, barely-lit set to croon into a microphone, no dancers or visuals to distract from his spot at the front of the stage. The ballad was surprisingly honest, featuring lyrics such as, “I gotta treat her right / I gotta cherish her for life / I gotta get her, go get her, go get her tonight.”

According to TMZ, Robin wrote the song for his separated wife, Paula Patton. True or not, with how much emotion he poured into the performance it seems pretty clear that there’s a personal aspect to the song.

Check out ‘Get Her Back’ above.

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