One of the most talked about performances at this year's MTV Video Music Awards was Miley Cyrus who was later joined on stage by Robin Thicke. Could the 'Blurred Lines' singer now be regretting his decision?

If anyone would be upset with Cyrus and her raunchy performance with Thicke, you would think it would be Thicke's wife, actress Paula Patton. But according to a new report it isn't Patton, it's Thicke himself. Thicke thought this was the perfect opportunity to be his "big night and big performance" and "thought it would be fun to include Miley." However, apparently the singer hadn't taken into consideration how raunchy Miley was going to be and how much she would overshadow him. A source said of Thicke "I don't think he would have done it knowing what it ended up like."

What do you think? Is Thicke partly to blame? Or is it all on Miley?

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