The organizers say that they want it to be a peaceful, but bold, demonstration. 

The rally/vigil will begin at 6 PM tonight at the corners of Saginaw and Bristol in Burton, which is obviously intended to be seen by the attendees of the 'Back to the Bricks' rolling cruise.

The Facebook event is described as follows:

What do we do when our community is under attack? Stand Up, Fight Back.

White Nationalist movement has, more than ever before, made a conscious decision to surrender transparency and gloat their militant and hateful ideology to the world. Join us as we march to demonstrate solidarity with the targets of the events that transpired in Charlottesville, Virginia this week. This event aims to build a community of defenders and dissenters against White Supremacy, and to make clear that exercises in the bounds of this hateful ideology will not be tolerated in the communities we live in.

At 6pm, we will be meeting @ the community clock in Burton on the corner of Bristol St.and Saginaw St. Please bring very bold signs and messages of solidarity with the victims of this horrible tragedy. Be aware that parking may be limited in areas due to another event happening around the same time.

We have intentions of this being a peaceful, but bold, demonstration. We ask all to come in prayer and mindfulness. We are here to respect our comrades that have sacrificed to protect their communities as well as create trust gour own. Those who carry, PLEASE conceal carry. Overall, arrive ready to take the streets and speak out against White Supremacy!

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