Rihanna has been teasing us lately with song clips from her upcoming album and today (March 6), with the release of the March Madness trailer, we got another taste of RiRi's new material. Our favorite pop diva's new song "American Oxygen" is new the soundtrack to the 30-second March Madness commercial.

The March Madness Twitter released the commercial with the caption, "Listen for @rihanna’s song “American Oxygen” from her upcoming album during March Madness on TBS, CBS, TNT + truTV." The video features RiRi dancing in front of an oversized and faded American Flag, with basketball highlights spliced throughout. Her outfit is perfect, very All-American -- just a plain a white T-shirt, leather jacket, and faded jeans.

The song itself has a very similar vibe to the other songs ("FourFiveSeconds" and "Higher") that we've heard off the new not-yet-titled album. Stripped down and sultry, "American Oxygen" could definitely be a new favorite. The lyrics seem to touch on the concept of the American dream: "Breath out, breath in, American oxygen / Young boy hustling, trying to get the wheels in motion / This is the new America." We have a feeling this new album will show a very different side of Rihanna, and it's exciting.

Whoever is the brains behind this mash-up must be a genius, because we bet when March Madness starts, thousands of new viewers are going to tune in. We're really enjoying these snippets of Rihanna's new jams. We now officially have one song and 75 seconds of new material.  Hopefully, she'll keep them coming, but until then it looks we'll have to start watching more basketball.

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