Waking up to a blanket of fresh, glistening snow on Christmas morning is a magical experience for kids from one to 92. But a blinding, paralyzing blizzard? Well, that's a totally different story.

As we approach Christmas Day again this year, it's looking less likely that Michiganders will see an inch of snow on the ground when we throw open the curtains on Christmas morning. One inch of snow is the threshold used by the National Weather Service to declare an 'official' White Christmas.

Fun Fact:  According to the National Weather Service, Michigan has had a White Christmas less than half of the time (roughly 47%) since weather experts began keeping records in 1900.

 Christmas 2022

You may recall the Christmas snowstorm in 2022, when an inordinate amount of snow fell throughout the United States, crippling travel and knocking out power for thousands of people during the holiday season.

The majority of that snow, however, fell in the days leading up to Christmas. You may also recall a severe temperature drop, whereas temps fell roughly 35 to 40 degrees in a relatively short period, causing arctic conditions for many of us.

The Snowiest Christmas in Michigan History

None of us were around when Michigan saw the biggest Christmas-Day snowstorm in history. According to the National Weather Service, The snowiest Christmas occurred in 1915 when 6.4 inches of the white stuff fell throughout Michigan on December 25.

But that snowstorm actually started on Christmas Eve with about 1.6 inches of snow coming down beginning around sunset. So between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, most of Michigan saw about 8.0 inches of new snow on the ground.

The Whitest Christmas of All Time

The NWS gives notes that the 'Santa Award' for the 'Whitest' Christmas (meaning the holiday with the most snow on the ground goes to 1951. While 6.2 inches of snow fell that year (the second biggest Christmas-Day snowfall in Michigan history) there were already seven inches of snow on the ground. The new snow on top of what had already accumulated that year made 1951 the snowiest/Whitest Christmas in Michigan history.

White or not, Merry Christmas.

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