You can file this under the "Boy, I really wish this was fake news" category but it isn't and it's something that makes me feel sick just to write about. News is coming out that apparently the 104 year old retired doctor, Dr. Philip Peven, and a group of other doctors fathered hundreds of babies by using their own sperm samples during artificial insemination. When a woman, Jaime Hall from Detroit, looked up her DNA on, she linked her father as her mother's doctor.

When she approached him on this he admitted to it, confessing it wasn't just him. Then, after finding out they did this for years and to hundreds of patients, he tells her this:

You have another half brother that you can call today. It’s his birthday and he’d love to get a sister on his birthday.

The most messed up thing is that both her mother and step father have both passed away and she never knew her doctor was the biological father of Jaime. The doctor didn't hold back from gloating about what he was doing either:

I was on the cutting edge, a pioneer... to be doing what I was doing at my practice

Dr. Peven’s grandson ended up matched with Hall and showed up as her half nephew, which was proof enough for her that the doctor was her biological father. She even said SHE'S NOT MAD AT HIM even though he could have fathered over 1000 children. He said it's a possibility because he started donating sperm in the 1940's over a 40 year career. So now Hall is encouraging others born between the ’50s to ’80s through artificial insemination to take a DNA test. HOW IS THIS NOT ILLEGAL!?

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