Don't worry, there are still plenty of pen pals for the taking. You're not too late.

Victorian Senior Care is the owner of several senior and assisted living facilities in North Carolina. And they're not only taking care of their residents right now; they're making sure that their residents are in contact with others...safely.

If there's one thing we've heard quite a bit in the last few months, it's that senior citizens are not only one of the high-risk groups to contract COVID-19, but they're also some of the most isolated from society and have a higher risk of depression during the quarantine.

During the past week, Victorian Senior Care has posted on their social media pages that their residents are looking for pen pals. Remember that? Pen pals? You don't have to live near each other to communicate through the old-fashioned pen and paper - these seniors are in North Carolina, and you can make their day from right here in Michigan.

All you have to do is pick a pen pal, write up a letter that will brighten their day, toss a stamp on it, and put it in the mail. Several of their locations have residents who are looking for new friends, too.

The posts have gone viral this week, but we have a feeling that the residents won't mind getting several letters from people.

I remember having a pen pal from Ireland when I was a kid. It was SO EXCITING to open the mailbox and see a letter from them. Let's bring that excitement to the folks at the senior centers!

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