Seriously? The nerve of this guy.

According to the Detroit Free Press, when President Barack Obama comes to Flint next week, the Governor has better things to do. After the news broke from the White House yesterday that, thanks to "Little Miss Flint", the President would be visiting our city, the Detroit Free Press asked Gov. Snyder's press secretary if the Governor would be joining the President in Flint. The answer, nope. Or, what they actually said:

"We are just learning of the president's visit next week. As of now, the governor is not scheduled to be in Flint that day."

The press secretary didn't go into detail on what the Governor had planned that day that couldn't be rescheduled and it also looks like there will be no possible change to Governor Snyder's schedule in order to meet with the President.

Are you kidding me? I know that Snyder is under fire for mishandling pretty much everything in the Flint Water Crisis/Emergency, but come on guy! Get with it. The freaking President is coming, and you can't figure out how to at least show up to shake his hand?

I know that Snyder's administration is on full freak out mode, there is a lot of talk of legal repercussions and criminal charges. But this is a huge misstep. It shows that the Governor, in my opinion, does not respect the office of the President and sure doesn't respect what the people of Flint continue to endure. I'm pretty sure if a flood or tornado ripped through Flint and the President was coming to check out relief efforts, the Governor would figure out a way to show up in front of news cameras with a hardhat on pointing out what he's doing to fix it.

Sadly, the Governor doesn't believe that the Flint Water Crisis is a disaster, otherwise he'd be here. Helping. Or really, doing anything, other than trying to get out of legal trouble with lawyers that we are footing the bill for.

I am very disappointed that the Governor continues to not understand how his attitude and actions cause even more pain in this crisis. Snyder, you have a desperate situation and disaster on your hands in Flint. You need to show up to work. Your boss is coming (the President) and you are ducking out?