Ambassadors from Reader's Digest were in Flint yesterday to give the city $1,000. It's part of the Reader's Digest We Hear You America 100 Cities in 100 Days RV tour. The magazine has been giving money to cities that have been hurting from the economy. The donation will be going to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint.

Flint was chosen as an editor's pick, according to ABC-12. Mayor Dayne Walling was on site yesterday to receive the check and here's what he had to say:

"'This is a great place for this $1,000 to land. It will be great for our community, great for our children.'"

Jay Ramos from Reader's Digest also had some nice things to say:

"'Residents of Flint just went to our website and just shared passionate stories about what makes this place special, and also some of the economic need that is here.'"

Flint could also win another $40,000 in another contest from Reader's Digest. Vote now so we can win this money! This just shows you another way that Flint will bounce back because of people who know how great the city is. Other cities and leaders can rag on us all they want, but it just means Flint can fight back and be on top. First we made the list of comeback cities and now we prove it by receiving this money and could see even more in the future. It's another positive for Flint.