It's unusual for me to use an expletive in the title of an article, but if you're attending tonight's performance by Dave Chappelle at Whiting Auditorium, you certainly won't be offended by the word 'Damn.' And, you won't be SnapChatting, recording, Facebooking, or anything else during tonight's show either.

Chappelle's shows are phone-free zones. Upon arrival, you'll be asked to slip your cellphone and smartwatch into a Yondr pouch. It locks with a device similar to those used to prevent clothing theft in retail stores. You'll hold on to your device(s) during the show, but the pouch can only be unlocked outside the auditorium.

Chappelle tells CBS News that there's been a strict no-cellphone rule in place at his show for years, but says people often violated the policy before the Yondr bags were introduced.

"Obviously, if you look on YouTube, you will see that very few people adhere to it," Chappelle said. "It would be very hard for you to talk to anyone if he was doing this the whole time he was talking," he added as he held a smartphone in front of his face.

In an email, the staff at Whiting Auditorium advises that attendees can save time by leaving their phones in their cars or at home for tonight's show.

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