Nothing screams Detroit like Kid Rock and Cadillac. Check out this shiny black Caddy which was pimped out for the Kid by West Coast Customs.

A Car With Great Bones

Ryan Friedlinghaus of West Coast Customs met with Kid Rock backstage at one of his shows in New Orleans in order to find out exactly what kind of car he'd like.

Rock wanted a car that would both appeal to his fans and send a message to his haters.

"I would like something in my hometown, back in Detroit Michigan, something classic and cool," Kid Rock says. "People who like what I do are generally good-natured people, I'd like them to be able to see this thing and smile, say it's cool, but what I'd really like to do is - the people that don't like me - I would like this thing to piss them off and make them hate me even more."

Friedlinghaus and Rock settled on a 1970s-era Cadillac.

Pimped Out, Kid Rock Style

In the video below, you'll see Rock's new ride stripped down to its frame and truly transformed into something truly fitting for the Motor City rock star.

The crew stripped the car down to the bare metal and sanded it to get ready for its new paint job. Check out the piano-black paint job with gold accents.

The car also features shag carpeting (for that genuine 70s feel), an American Badass emblem on the doors, special storage compartments for Rock's Jim Beam whiskey and cigars, a ventilation system that takes care of the cigar smoke, a partition that separates the driver from the passengers, and a TV that goes up and down with the push of a button.

Kid Rock Loves His New Ride

Rock was truly impressed by the car when the folks from West Coast Customs delivered it to his house.

"Anybody with money can buy a Baybach," Kid Rock said. "But last time I checked, you can't buy cool. It's not for sale."

Although the video was just released a few days ago, you can tell it's from a few years back. The home Kid Rock was living in at the time sold last year for just under $2.1 million. Keep reading to take a peek inside that monster of a house.


Kid Rock's Custom Built, Pimped Out Cadillac

This 1970s-era Cadillac Fleetwood has been modified for the one and only Kid Rock. West Coast Customs took care of the modifications, giving it plenty of over-the-top touches that scream both 'Kid Rock' and 'Detroit.'

Look Inside Kid Rock's Former Detroit Home

Kid Rock's former Detroit mansion is stunning inside and out. The beautiful home, located at 9090 Dwight St. in Detroit, comes with a custom boathouse and a fabulous downstairs home theater, bar, and dining area.

And the famous Michigan rocker even left behind a couple of American flag pillows and a bunch of his 'Badass Beer.'

Peek Inside Uncle Kracker's Harrison Township Home

Follow me, as we check out Uncle Kracker's Harrison Township home. The rockstar's former abode is currently off the market and estimates value it at roughly one million dollars.

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