The United States is giving away or auctioning off several lighthouses throughout the country and one of those historic landmarks is right here in Michigan.

Fun Fact:  Lighthouses aren't really necessary today. Modern technology like GPS and other sophisticated navigation equipment has rendered them all but obsolete. While the United States Coast Guard still maintains navigational aids at or near lighthouses throughout the country, the structures themselves are no longer deemed crucial.

Lighthouses - Part of Our American Heritage

While lighthouses may no longer be mission-critical, they are considered an invaluable part of our American culture. According to the US government's Real Property Disposition website, lighthouses are a symbol of the 'strength and longevity of our country's trading practices and communal spirit.' That is why many communities have groups dedicated to preserving and maintaining the structures.

"After years of unfailing and faithful service as beacons to sea-farers and traders, the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act Program takes pride in its work with states, local communities, and the public to convey these historic properties to new stewards that will continue preserving their memories and historic significance."


Six Lighthouses Are Being Given Away

This year, the US government is offering to give away six lighthouses to federal or state agencies, non-profits, or educational organizations. The recipient must be willing to maintain and preserve them and make them publically accessible for educational or cultural purposes. Here's the list:

  • Plymouth/Gurnet Light in Massachusetts
  • Warwick Neck Light, in Warwick, Rhode Island
  • Lynde Point Lighthouse in Old Saybrook, Connecticut
  • Nobska Lighthouse in Falmouth, Massachusetts
  • Little Mark Island and Monument in Harpswell, Maine
  • Erie Harbor North Pier Lighthouse in Pennsylvania

Michigan Lighthouse Being Auctioned Off

Four lighthouses in the US are being offered at auction. These include the Keweenaw Waterway Lower Entrance Lighthouse in Chassell. Chassell is on the Keweenaw Peninsula, northwest of Marquette.

A little about this Lighthouse from the GSA Auctions page:

"Marking the southern end of the Portage River, the lighthouse stands 68 feet tall and contains approximately 1,000 square feet of interior space. Known also as the Portage Entry Light or the Portage Lake Lower Entry Light, this active aid to navigation was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2014."

The current bid stands at $10,000 but the auction closing date is yet to be determined.

The other three lighthouses available for auction are:

  • Penfield Reef Lighthouse in Fairfield, Connecticut
  • Stratford Shoal Light in the middle of Long Island Sound between New York and Connecticut
  • Cleveland Harbor West Pierhead Light in Ohio



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