It has since been removed, but an ice sculpture that read "Snyder Poisoned Flint" sat outside Governor Rick Snyder's Lansing office for several hours Thursday. The sculpture -- colored brown to represent Flint's lead-laced water -- was set in place by two men representing, UltraViolet and Democracy for America. The groups also submitted nearly one million signatures calling for the resignation of Governor Snyder, citing his responsibility for Flint's ongoing water crisis.

"We're urging the Attorney General to expedite this process, we're urging the FBI to be swift in their investigation so we can get to the bottom of what happened in Flint," MoveOn's Mark Crain told M-Live in the video below. "The city was poisoned. 8,000 children, at least, poisoned. Lives ruined, forever."

The website notes that the ice sculpture was removed from the sidewalk outside the Governor's office late Thursday afternoon, and that its whereabouts are unknown.


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