With the month of February flying by that means March is on the way and so is the madness that college basketball is during that month and I can't wait.

This year the BIG TEN is loaded from top to bottom with some solid teams. But how many will end up in the tournament next month? Some experts are saying as many as 11 could make the dance which would tie the record for one conference having that many schools in the tournament (BIG EAST had 11 in 2011). But where will the Wolverines and Spartans end up?

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Both the Spartans and Wolverines have had a rough year as far as records go with the Wolverines sitting at 14-9 and the Spartans with a 16-8 tally. As of today, both schools are out of the AP top 25 but there is more basketball to be played and that could change quickly. Looking at their regular-season schedule it's safe to say that they will both make it in the field of 68.

State is projected as of today to be a number five seed in the South bracket and the Wolverines being a number eight seed out West. Those early seeding could change if one or both teams make a strong run in the BIG TEN tournament next month in Indianapolis.

Source: Mlive.com


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