President Barack Obama was singing the Blues, but it has nothing to do with healthcare or politics. The East Room of the White House was turned into a blues club last night for a taping of a PBS special which will air  at 9 p.m. Monday. (Feb. 27th)

Check out the video:  Mick Jagger handed the Commander in Chief a mic, so what was the President supposed to do? Naturally, he joined in on 'Sweet Home Chicago,' apropos since the Obamas call the Windy City home.

"I guess things even out a little bit," Obama joked at the start of a rollicking East Room concert that was electrified by Jagger and the rest."This music speaks to something universal," Obama declared. "No one goes through life without both joy and pain, triumph and sorrow. The blues gets all of that, sometimes with just one lyric or one note. "

This isn't the first time Obama has broken into song. Remember his tribute to the Rev. Al Green last month at the Apollo in Harlem? He's also been known to sing a little Gaga!

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