It was the moment of a lifetime for Emily Torres, a junior at Port Huron Northern High School. You could own the Gucci dress. Details here.Torres was a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and she was able to meet her favorite musician, Bruno Mars. Torres also received a Gucci dress from Bruno Mars.Now Torres is paying it forward by donating the dress to be auctioned off. Proceeds from the sale will benefit Collin Vani, a fellow classmate at Port Huron Northern High who has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in his kidney.

The dress retails for around $4,000 and would go a long way in helping the high school athlete's struggle with cancer. Although the two have never met, both Torres and Vani's situations are well-known throughout the community.

The dress is currently listed on eBay and the starting bid is $1,000. Here's the video that started it all for Emily.