Michigan's firearm deer hunting season begins in Mid-November every year. The number of excited men, women and under 17 kids getting to hunt is in the thousands around the state.

A few years ago, "buck pole" parties, contests, festivals started popping up, too. Three years ago, Swartz Creek, Michigan added one to their Swartz Creek Hometown Days festival. (Don't get me wrong - I love a festival like anyone, but it's sooooo cold this time of year for a festival... or hunting, haha.)

What is a buck pole contest in Swartz Creek, Michigan?

This part isn't for the faint of heart or non-hunters, but a buck pole contest is where hunters bring back their dead deer on the first day of firearm season to "show & tell" and win various prizes. People bring their dead deer, hang it up by its tied hind legs or antlers from a wire or horizontal pole and celebrate the opening of deer hunting season.

Photo Credit: https://youtu.be/FnzMuqIOCxI
Photo Credit: https://youtu.be/FnzMuqIOCxIj

If you've ever wondered which counties in Michigan have the most deer/car accidents, that's here.

Do kids participate in buck pole contests in Michigan?

Not only do licensed, adult male and female hunters participate, licensed kids 17 and under are allowed to show off their catches from the first day of the firearm hunting season.

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When is Swartz Creek, Michigan's buck pole contest?

According to their facebook "Swartz Creek Hometown Days" page (above) expect festivities to start at 4pm Tuesday, November 15th. The buck pole display & contest will be 4pm-9pm. All of it happens at Kincaid Field. They have food trucks and portable heaters to help keep you warm, too.

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