A few days ago, Owen Aschieris got some great news. If you haven't seen the viral video yet, it's below -- and if you have, you know that it's worth watching again. (And maybe again!)

Texas Christian University got some help from a campus police officer who interrupted a team meeting in order to speak to Aschieris. The sophomore walk-on player looked visibly shaken as he approached the officer and then seconds later learned of the ruse.

His teammates exploded with joy as Aschieris realized the document he was reading was a letter from the university's athletic department, informing him that he was being granted a full athletic scholarship.

Coach Jamie Dixon called the moment one of his most-gratifying and memorable.

“You can talk about championships or winning games or this, but the instances where we’ve been able to give a scholarship to a kid that has worked his tail off and given so much for the program are some of the most memorable I’ve ever had."


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