Police are warning of a Netflix email scam warning people to update their payment details. The warning comes from a police department in Solon, Ohio. One of the officers in Solon received an email asking to update the payment details on a Netflix account. The email looks very real, with a link to click to update payment. The officer knew it was a scam because they don't have a Netflix account.


The criminals behind this email want you to click the link and give them your credit card information. That link may also install malware on your computer to further take your information. They use emails that look like they are from companies a lot of people use and trust.

To be completely honest, if I would have just gotten a new card in the mail because mine expired I wouldn't have thought twice about clicking that link. Every time I get a new card I forget to update payment info on something, and I just wait for the email to see what it is.

According to WXYZ Detroit, Netflix wants you to alert them if you believe you have received a fraudulent email. Never enter your details from an email or click on a link you think might be a scam. You can forward any emails you think are suspicious to phishing@netflix.com. 

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