I was considering giving up pork, but this just sealed the deal.

Our friends over at Lucky Day Animal Rescue really did make it a "lucky day" for a piglet named Sonny.

The little piglet was on a livestock truck in Indiana when he was somehow tossed out the back. Gretchen Sommer, owner of Lucky Day, says, "He was probably going to a farm to get fattened, so he would have essentially been food. A truck driver saw a truck up ahead with several of these guys in the back and he saw this little dude flip out."

The truck driver stopped, picked up the piglet and headed to Flint. He was dropped off at the Humane Society of Genesee County, who then called Lucky Day. They brought the piglet to Briarwood Animal Clinic, where he was treated. He has some road rash and a broken femur, which will require surgery.

"If you change the world for one animal, sometimes that's all you can do and that's a good thing," Sommer said.

When he's well enough, he'll be adopted out to a farm. Not a meat farm, though. :)