The petition was started after over 8,000 letters were mailed out to residents to collect money for unpaid water and sewer bills. 

If the bills remain unpaid on May 19th, the process could lead to foreclosure of their homes by May of next year. The city skipped sending out the letters in 2016, because, well, you would've made them look really, REALLY bad with the eyes of the world on our city.

Now that the media, the politicians and celebrities have left, it's back to business. However, the city does admit that 20,000 residents still have lead in their water, and that they hope to replace 6,000 more service lines by the end of 2017.

Mayor Weaver has said that this is the way the law reads, but she also says that she "understands the concerns" and is trying to figure out if there's a way to help residents who are in this situation.

A petition has been started to prevent families with unpaid water bills from being foreclosed on.

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