Flint officials announced yesterday that residents who moved out of Flint during the water crisis will be issued refunds for bills paid, under the Water Relief Program.

Mayor Weaver announced in a statement yesterday that customers who closed accounts (presumably because they moved out of the city) can now request refunds. This is part of the second phase of the relief program, which is offering $30 million in credits because of the water crisis.

To apply for a credit, click HERE to submit an application. If you'd like further information about your account, you can find that information HERE.

In the statement, Mayor Weaver says:

We want everyone affected by this water crisis to get the help and assistance they need and deserve. We know everyone would have liked to receive a refund instead of the credit, but that’s just not how the program was set up by the state. If you are a former Flint water customer and think you may be owed a refund, make sure you give us the information we need so you can get back some of what you paid for water during this unfortunate situation.

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