We love this idea.

In an effort to shine a positive light in what seems to be a very bleak world right now, some Twitter users are asking people to put their Christmas lights back up.


And if you're a procrastinator and haven't taken your Christmas lights down yet, this is your opportunity to really shine. (And gloat just a little to your neighbor who took his down in January.)

The coronavirus pandemic has been hard on all of us. We think turning Christmas lights on as a way of showing support is a simple measure that we can take to show support for others. It also gives families with kids something to do. Who doesn't look back on their childhood and recall fond memories of riding around in the backseat of the parents' car admiring awesome Christmas displays?

Spread the word. We'd love to drive around in Genesee County and see some of those awesome Christmas displays. And as we all try to navigate this new normal, it may just brighten someone's day.


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