As the Detroit Lions continue their winning ways through the playoffs, we're still a little hesitant to say they're headed for the Super Bowl. But this Pure Michigan spoof just may have predicted the future for the Detroit Lions.

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Lions fans have endured several tumultuous years. We're used to disappointment and know that we can't count our chickens before they're hatched - so at this early stage in the playoffs it's not wise to think about Detroit going all the way.

Parody spot predicts Detroit Lions as Super Bowl winners
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Having one playoff win under our belts almost feels like a dream. And in 2016 if someone had predicted that the Detroit Lions were in the playoffs, you would have thought they were dreaming, right?

A Bold Prediction in 2016

YouTube user John Kerfoot made a bold prediction seven years ago, saying that the Detroit Lions were on their way to winning a Super Bowl championship. Kerfoot is the mastermind behind the parody spots that spoof Tim Allen's long running warm and fuzzy Pure Michigan commercials, substituting satirical scripts that poke fun of Michigan and expose a dark take on Michigan reality.

The prediction was made shortly after a couple of noteworthy events had taken place in 2016 after the Chicago Cubs won the World Series and Donald Trump unexpectedly won the Presidential Election.

The spoof also came about halfway through Matthew Stafford's illustrious career with the Detroit Lions, about the same time the quarterback was really starting to make a name for himself.

Please note, that some of the language in the video below may resemble language that gets caught on a hot mic during live NFL broadcasts.


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