It's called the 'Momo Challenge' and it's the latest viral danger claiming victims who are as young as six years old.

The challenge -- centered around a creepy Japanese image -- is sometimes referred to as the Suicide Challenge. Kids who are sucked into the challenge are given the choice between committing an act of violence or taking their own life.

The challenge starts by asking participants to perform simple tasks but then quickly escalates to requests to commit violent acts, requesting photos of proof.

A warning to parents at a Texas school compared the challenge to the 2014 Slender Man incident in which two teenagers stabbed another 19 times.

According to Fox 17, one school district has issued the following warning to parents:   if your children already have social media accounts, you need to be talking to them about this, as well as smartly monitoring what's happening on their pages.

More information on the epidemic is outlined in the video below.

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