"Is it me? It couldn't be me! And it was!"

This time of the year can be one of two things for high schoolers - tons of fun or fear of rejection. It can be a popularity contest, from who has a prom date to who doesn't; who is the best dressed and who isn't...and who is crowned prom queen.

Madison Lawson, a high school senior from Kentucky who was born with spina bifida and is paralyzed from the waist down, just had that unbelievable moment of being crowned prom queen. And she couldn't quite believe it herself.

When I say that kids nowadays are more accepting, supportive, and just overall BETTER than kids were when I was in school, I mean it. A person in a wheelchair would NEVER be crowned prom queen. But it's different now. And it's a GOOD thing.

Madison is going to nursing school this fall. What a year for her! Congrats!!

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