M-21 Church of Christ in Owosso has stirred the proverbial pot with its very public opinion about gay marriage. The sign was changed just before the holiday, but for about two weeks in June, the church on M-21 near State Road in Caledonia Township openly displayed its objection to same-sex unions.

"This church will never respect or perform homosexual marriage."

Attorney James Gutting called the church "Our local branch of the Westboro Baptist Church" when he posted a picture of the sign on the Argus Press Facebook page.

A response on the church's website calls the comparison "offensive."

"It is unfortunate that those who oppose God stoop down in this manner to make accusations against those whom they oppose."

The debate continues, as many have commented on the church's website. April cited scripture as she criticized their anti-homosexual position.

"Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself." I'm sure that many people against homosexuality, such as your church, would ask Jesus, 'But what if they're gay?' And I can't be certain, but I have a feeling Jesus would reply, 'Did I (Beeped out) stutter?'

M-21 Church of Christ will conduct a town hall meeting this Friday (June 12) at 6pm to further discuss the pros and cons of same-sex unions. According to its website, the church encourages participation from members of the public, regardless of their beliefs or sexual orientation. It's located at 2511 E. M-21 in Owosso.

- George McIntyre
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