Thank GOD, pun intended. I've been craving muskrat for over a month.

I'm kidding. About the craving part. Eating muskrat during Lent? Not kidding.

I've lived in Michigan for five years and I still learn something new every day. I learned to call soda "pop," I know what Jobbie Nooner is, and I know what a "troll" is.

But this is a new one - I had NO IDEA that eating muskrat during Lent is a Michigan thing. Not for everybody, but for some.

Apparently, the tradition dates back to the 1700's, when poor people chose to eat muskrat because it was an affordable option. And, according to this article, there are still some Michiganders have a traditional muskrat meal during Lent.

I think I'm good, but thanks. I'll stick to fish and chips.

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