Several small businesses in Genesee County received some much-needed help.

Back in October, Genesee County announced plans to help small businesses with the Small Business Assistance program, which is funded through the CARES Act. This program was made to award eligible businesses with grants worth up to $10,000.

Of the businesses that were eligible, around $197,472 has been dispersed by Genesee County. This grant money can be used by these small businesses for a number of things. The funds can be paid towards reimbursement for supplies and inventory, payroll needs, rent and utility expenses, and more dating back to the start of the pandemic shutdowns in March of last year.

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The small businesses that were given the grant money are listed below.

  1. Cinnamom Bakery
  2. Linden Coney Cafe
  3. Capitol Coney Island
  4. LeBeau Salon & Massage Studio
  5. EZ Awareness by Design
  6. Kickers
  8. Taboon Restaurant
  9. Paul's Coney Island
  10. A&A Pizzeria
  11. John's Coney Island
  12. Classic Coney Island
  13. Kabob Middle Eastern Cuisine
  14. The Montrose Pub
  15. Bray Road Diner
  16. Arlene's Diner
  17. CoCoMo Bubble Tea
  18. O'Graydee's Restaurant
  19. Palace Grill
  20. BJ's Bar
  21. Telly's Coney Island
  22. Wright Time Foods
  23. White's Streetside Tavern
  24. John's Pizzeria & Cocktail Lounge

If you know of a small business that still needs help, Genesee County is now accepting applications for another round of small business assistance. Local small businesses in Genesee County can apply by clicking here and the application process is running now through Friday, April 9th.

Be sure to spread the word to local businesses you know to make sure they can apply for they help that they need.

Source: Mid-Michigan Now

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