After a manhunt that lasted nearly 24 hours, Michael Quigley has been apprehended and arrested. The 35-year-old Ortonville man is wanted for shooting his estranged wife and her boyfriend Tuesday night. A man who lives near Ortonville High School discovered Quigley when he noticed fog on the inside of the windows on his van which he said had been parked for about two weeks.

Scott, who asked WJRT not to reveal his last name, said he apprehended Quigley with his gun drawn the whole time.

"[I] Told him it was over and that he should get out of the vehicle, and he was completely compliant."

Quigley is in the Oakland County jail and he is expected to be charged with two counts of attempted murder.

As for Scott, who celebrated his 15th wedding anniversary on the day of the ordeal, he says that the events of the day was not how he'd planned on celebrating.

"I'm dirty, I'm tired, I would like to have pizza and I would like to sleep."

Somebody, PLEASE buy that man a pizza!

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