Do you have Oprah's "Own" network channel included in your cable package?  If you don't, would you pay extra for it? When Oprah's new network debuted ratings were huge.  It was estimated that over one million viewers tuned into the show.  Now, ratings aren't doing so well.  They fell another 20% among its target demo.  They've gone from an average one million to roughly 300,000 viewers.  That's a huge jump.

I don't have her channel in my cable package, but I also wouldn't pay extra to have it.  I like Oprah and would watch her show every now and again, but to me it's not worth it to pay extra to only watch her channel every so often.  Does she really need the extra money?  She should make her channel available for everyone if she wants to make this work.  Are you going to pay extra to watch her?

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