Truth is, while we're staying at home it's almost a given that we're saving some money. Between gas, workday lunches out, and even haircuts, almost everyone is saving a few pennies here and there, and with so many out of work, saving a little is a big plus.

The website has created a special online calculator to show people just how much money they may be saving while quarantined. With all the changes to spending habits, the calculator can show you exactly how much your household may be saving while on lock-down.

The calculation is pretty easy to do. The site offers up five questions about your eating and travel habits, along with how many people live in a household. They then take  the national averages for childcare and food, and the calculator is able to determine how much money is being saved by staying home.

The website is offering up a little bright side to the current situation. "We’ve all been quarantined for the past few weeks, which is driving us crazy. And, many of us are less wealthy than we were a few weeks ago as well. HOWEVER, the bright side - we’re saving money by staying home!"

Ready to check out your savings? Click here for the Quarantine Calculator.

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