On Sunday, December 19th, 2021, the National Hockey League released an announcement about upcoming games for the Detroit Red Wings. According to the announcement, the upcoming Detroit Red Wings' games will be postponed through December 26th and the scheduled completion of the league's holiday break.

Currently, there are nine players and three coaches that are in COVID-19 protocol so the decision to postpone the games was made by the National Hockey League, the NHLPA's, and the Club medical groups. Fans should know in the next few days as to when the Red Wings' training facility will re-open.

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What games have been postponed and when will they be rescheduled?

As of right now, today's game (12/20/21) against the Colorado Avalanche and Thursday's game (12/23/21) against the Minnesota Wild are in the process of being rescheduled.

The Detroit Red Wings are scheduled to be in action for three other games to finish off 2021. Hopefully, we will see the team back on the ice for the following games:

  • Monday, December 27th against the New York Rangers
  • Wednesday, December 29th against the New York Islanders
  • Friday, December 21st against the Washington Capitals

To see the full announcement and to see the rest of the upcoming Detroit Red Wings schedule, click here. 

It has been a rough month for hockey in Michigan. Not only are the Red Wings down with COVID, but the Flint Firebirds had to cancel their games on Friday and Saturday as 11 players tested positive for COVID-19. We will all of the Wings and Firebirds a speedy recovery and hope to see them all back on the ice soon.

Source: NHL

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