- Fear not! One Direction has their very own comic book called ‘Fame: One Direction.’ The creators, Bluewater Productions, say the comic book will chronicle the boy band’s rise to stardom. [Bluewater Productions]

- They’ve showed Jay Leno a ‘Good Time,’ so it was time for Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City have brought the party to Conan’s late night show. [Team CoCo]

- Did you know Rihanna is the executive producer of a reality show called ‘Styled to Rock?’ If you didn’t, don’t worry. Not many people are watching it. The competition reality show pits designers against each other to design a concert outfit for RiRi. [Idolator]

- Is Outkast reuniting? We sure hope so! And a tweet sent out by Big Boi is leading us in that direction. The rapper posted a picture of he and Andre 3000. We can hope can’t we! [Twitter]

- Wow! Lady Gaga looks strikingly different in her September Vogue cover photo before it was retouched! [E! Online]

- Seems as though the Russell Brand and Gerri Halliwell dating rumors are true! The two were snapped leaving Ginger Spice’s home. [TMZ]

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