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Michigan's oldest living resident just turned 114 years old, and it's probably no surprise to you that it's a female, right?

Tuesday (2/2) marked a very special day, as Ellen Goodwill turned 114. The Battle Creek woman was born on February 2, 1907, in Paris, Kentucky. She and her husband moved to Michigan after World War II.

Teddy Roosevelt was the United States President was Ellen was born.

Goodwill lives in the Advantage Living Center, a senior living facility in Battle Creek. Her special day included a visit from friends who gave her cards, gifts and visited with her through a window at the facility.

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Michigan's oldest resident has lived through both world wars, the Spanish flu, the Great Depression, prohibition, the civil rights movement, the Holocaust, and is now trying to stay safe from coronavirus.

According to Local 12 and the Gerontology Research Group, Goodwill is now the oldest known resident in Michigan following the death of Irene Dutton of Kalamazoo on May 15, 2020.

In addition to being the oldest living person in Michigan, Goodwill is believed to be the third oldest person in the United States.

The Battle Creek Enquirer has a photo gallery of Goodwill celebrating her 114th birthday, which you can view here.


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