"It was such a blessing to have been able to care for him while I shopped, and wished us safe travels back home."

Danyale Peterson was shopping at an Old Navy in Georgia right before Halloween with her baby, Cole. As babies often do, Cole got restless and wanted to eat and started to cry, and Danyale needed to go out to to her car to get the diaper bag. An employee named Lora offered to hold and comfort Cole while she went outside.

She asked if I wanted her to hold him while I went to the car. I hesitated at first quite naturally but accepted her help. Before I even made it to the door, Cole had stopped crying. When I returned, he was still so calm and content. She was so in love with his scent she said "omg, you have to smell this baby" to her coworker. I laughed. She told me she had 30 mins of time she could care for him while I shopped.. She would sit on the floor and feed him too if I got the bottle ready. I let her. She even walked around the store with him after he ate talking to him-telling him he could be a President or Teacher, whatever he chose to be and kissing him softly on his cheeks and head! I was so amazed at her sincerity and love shown towards him, I could barely focus on my shopping. After I checked out, I reached to put him in his carseat but she said "NO I will walk with him to your car." We talked for a few minutes while I got him settled in and she put his stroller away.

This story really got to me, because I remember when our son was a baby. He was born right before Christmas, and my family was, well, less than helpful. I went Christmas shopping at the mall, and Dillon started to scream while I was waiting for a store to engrave a frame for my parents (ironically, a baby picture frame). I was all alone, nobody there to help me. Embarrassed, flustered, emotional, etc. It would've meant the world to me if somebody would've lent a helping hand.

So, that's why I absolutely love this story. <3


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