Does he get a day off for this? A Tim Horton's gift card, perhaps? Cuz that's going WAY above the call of duty.

Byron resident Jennifer Hilla had started having contractions with her pregnancy a couple of weeks before her due date, but she didn't think much of them...until July 17th, when she was at her mother's house.

Her sister called 911, but the ambulance was sent to Gaines Township by mistake...and got lost. Argentine Township Officer Paul Honkanen got lost, too, but eventually found the house. By then, it was almost too late. He arrived to find Jennifer on the front lawn - that's when he realized that they couldn't want for an ambulance.

Officer Honkanen walked her through the birth and, at 8:54 PM, Jennifer gave birth to a little girl named Scarlett. And, after she and her baby were discharged from the hospital, they paid Officer Honkanen a "thank you" visit.

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