(In my best old man voice) What the hell will they think of next?

Pampers is introducing a line of diapers that will notify parents via a cellphone app when their baby is wet.

The Lumi brand of diapers will also provide parents with real-time updates about their child's sleep patterns in order to help parents establish sleep and feeding routines.

The diaper uses a sensor that is paired with a nearby video camera. But pediatrician Dr. Cathy Ward tells Fox 10 she has concerns about technology that has no track record.

"Something like this we have no long-term studies, we have no idea what this could do," Ward says. "What are we potentially exposing their reproductive DNA to? It's right there in the diaper, next to their ovaries, next to the sperm. What are we doing to the reproductive DNA?"

Lumi diapers are expected to hit the market this fall but pricing information is yet to be released.

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