It was a prank by her son. Dare we say, NOT FUNNY.

The story, which had not been verified by the California Lottery at the time, went viral very quickly: a 62-year-old woman who works as a registered nurse at the Park Avenue Health Care and Wellness Center in Pomona, California, had allegedly been one of the three Powerball winners.

A spokesperson for the nursing home says that the owner of the chain purchased 18,000 tickets for his employees and residents at 80 nursing home across California. The woman received a text from her son that she had won, and the celebrations began...until the woman's daughter confirmed that it was a malicious prank.

But not until all the news outlets reported that she was the winner. :(

The owner of the nursing home she works at felt so bad, that he said he'll buy her an all-expenses paid trip to a location of her choice. Hopefully, she is NOT bringing her snotty son.