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Anil Phillip plans to pay off his student loans with the $150,000 he won from the Michigan Lottery. But that win didn't come easy for the Wayne County man who lost the winning Powerball ticket, and then found it just days before it expired.

Phillip won the jackpot by matching four of the five white balls in the drawing on March 14, 2020, right around the time the world went sideways. The winning ticket he purchased in Trenton was originally worth $50,000, but thanks to the Powerball Powerplay, his winnings tripled to $150,000.

“I like to play the Powerball game and was so excited when I found out I won $150,000,” he tells the Michigan Lottery. “I won the prize right when COVID-19 hit, so I decided to wait to claim the prize."

But then Phillip misplaced the ticket.

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Can you imagine the angst of knowing that you had $150,000 waiting for you but not being able to claim it?

After an exhaustive search, Phillip tells the Michigan Lottery that he finally found the ticket, just in the nick of time.

“I was so relieved and excited to have found it just in time before it expired,” he said as he cashed in his winning ticket at the Michigan Lottery headquarters in Lansing.

Maybe he should use some of his winnings to invest in a small safe?

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