Seriously? Shared almost 3,500 times? Hopefully there was an "LOL" in those posts. 

Fact checking seems to be, well, non-existent nowadays. Because it's much easier to "share" a post than it is to Google whether or not it's true. Never fear, residents of GB. There is, in fact, NOT a black panther roaming around your city.

A fake profile with the name Jacob Stevens "shared" pictures of a black panther that was, allegedly, hanging out in Grand Blanc this week.

Please be cautious. They can also be seen within trees.

*doubled over laughing* Okay, okay. I'm fine now.

It wasn't hard to click over to this guy and figure out that his profile was bogus. Eight friends (if you're one of them, it's time to go), no cover photo, and the only photos he's posted are of this panther. Maybe I watch a lot of Catfish on MTV, but it wasn't hard to crack this case.

Thank you, WNEM, for calling this out. Fact check, people. FACT CHECK.