The Simpsons production time leaves the FOX staple notoriously behind current events, but its take on the Trump administration remains as uncomfortably accurate as ever. See for yourself, as even more familiar figures hang around for the latest Trump parody.

Where previously The Simpsons’ visit to the Trump White House showed Sean Spicer taking a less-distinguished exit than Melissa McCarthy showcased, the latest triples down to find Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway and Reince Priebus all hanging out to dry. The extended clip also incorporates Trump’s rivalry with ex-FBI boss James Comey, the famous orb photo, and even Richard Nixon.

Season 28 has taken a great many shots at the Trump Administration, considering writers predicted such an absurd development nearly two decades ago. One recent episode saw Mr. Burns staging his own Trump-style university, while similar shorts have taken aim at the Tweeter-in-Chief’s troublesome thumbs.

Season 28 already aired its finale, but stay tuned for more from The Simpsons Season 29 and beyond.

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